Teresa Aquino – Rey De Paz

The King Of Peace Music Video

Prophetic ministry and mission, the New Covenant Foundation In abused children and women.
Christian View
Restoring Fallen Walls.
Missionary and author sings Prophet.
This video was made in different places, Poenix, and Finix Tolleson AZ.
in the month of February on 02 of the year 2008 Idea of ​​the Holy Spirit by the producer Norberto Cruz.
Testimony of the Prophet, while shooting this video hachaba clip will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues of angels, in Arizona near Ponderosa Finix stall in a deserted park, “in ruins”
I had two days without sleep, while everyone was asleep I lay awake differently fighting the principality, God won the third day of recording I was allowed to sleep and was a successful day precisely at 14 day of February, I saw that largest employer with briefcases in hand taking place in Arizona and lived in Tolleson. “There is a projection”

Thank you for inviting Arizona thousand in your territory, wait your prophetic blessings!
Ponderosa Stables located in Phoenix Arizona.
Thank you very much for helping this ministry signed with your beautiful horse, you will be remembered forever.
Thanks to the Moreno family.
nationality native of Mexico, put up in your house, I love you and wish you many luck, all the way.
This is written by me on behalf of peace in the world,
The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what mus


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