Someone wrote on the internet saying the following sentences.

Someone wrote on the internet saying the following sentences.

During all these years sailing, reading and writing on the Internet if there is something useful I’ve learned is to be patient and not judge too quickly. The news comes with amazing speed and today requires us to respond to all communications, notes.

I TERESA AQUINO: Prophet of the Lord say:
I have a deep respect for the Internet.
this media obviously was revealed to me through the Holy Spirit more than a decade ago, so I could reach the hearts with a message of peace.
At that time. The Holy Spirit spoke to me saying:
TERESA, I say add.
I, TERESA AQUINO. I gave the right to receive the message, and I have met before God and men.
God put His church there.
thank you Lord.
Between the middle of good and evil, is God!.

Then I called and spoke to me saying, Behold, these that go toward the north country have quieted my spirit in the north country.
(Zechariah 6:8 reveals ).

Prophet, Teresa Aquino.





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