The newborn who came from heaven:
I had this vision in my head.
In late October of this year 2013, I was I
Teresa Aquino, Prophet of the Lord this strange and original vision of my head.
I saw a newborn curled face down as they put the newborn at birth in the hospital, stuck in her crib, but the vision did not last long and left me without knowing for sure what his genre:
if femme or masculine.

At dawn today Wednesday of the month of November of the same year, 2013, I had this beautiful but strange divine revelation of Heaven.
I saw a spaceship falling into azole ground , the ship was lying scattered, and smoke came out of it I saw the engine fuselage twisted through the branch of a bush, birds of all kinds saw dead and alive, but wounded, which according the revelation used to experiment at NASA.
The spacecraft was able to identify NASA, and fell to the ground shattered spacecraft, the debris of the ship also came the newborn of revelation, and left unharmed was the bush crawling quickly, I wanted to take it in my hands but LEAVING … ALL HURRY!, And I could not reach it, it was very fast and disappeared before my eyes in the trees..
After the newborn appeared on my arms and I felt a strange sensation as of a woman in labor.

It was the same newborn’s first vision of my head, I revealed his gender, the baby was a boy, and his clothes were blue and white.
Very beautiful indeed!
I’m weird, because it could withstand the crash unscathed.
I heard the Lord say:
Because it is an Angel.
This word is faithful and true part of the Lord.
The newborn who came from above.

Prophecy Given to me prophet:




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