What are the wisdom or wisdom books and genres that deal? Educational Books ( Wisdom and Poetical ).

Instructional Books:

There are seven
1. Five Wisdom : Job , Proverbs, Ecclesiasticus , Ecclesiastes and Wisdom.
They contain very wise moral and religious teachings in the form of judgments , hence its name of wisdom .
Two . Two poetry : Psalms and Song of Songs:

I. Job
Job- in it the problem of pain, evil and good is vented . And we discuss whether alleged divine providence that the Lord has with all men, the just must wait for the only awards in the afterlife or in this . And also, if the evils and goods the indifferently God allows good and bad , as its hidden mysteries.

II . proverbs:

There are various ways in which a moral teaching by an ingenious way and sometimes spicy presented . They are rules of thumb to take a prudent , discreet, honest and useful life. There are guidelines for all: young and old, rich and poor, masters and servants , parents and children , husbands and wives , judges and kings.
The keynote of the book is in this sentence : “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom .”
The term “fear” means respect , filial obedience. Mentioned 14 times in this book .

III . Ecclesiastes ( Kohelet ):

It is so called because it became widely read in the early Christian church ( ” ecclesia “). Ecclesiastes is the Hebrew name that means “preacher” . Key expressions in it , as ” vanity, interest , penalty, work , worry under the sun , joy, happiness , pleasure … ” Some of them, like ” vanity of vanities ” , cited 34 times, and “under the sun ” 31 times .

It is the confession or the cry of a man who after having enjoyed all that he could, manages to see the reality of what life is outdated and just tired of that life.
The conclusion is logical : only God can fill the empty innermost man .
IV. Ecclesiasticus (Ben Sirach )
The purpose of this book is to guide life in harmony with the law . There are tips in this book that have nothing to envy to modern education manuals . But above all human counsel , the book emphasizes the importance of morality and religion as a basis for better education of the man.

V. wisdom:
A reflection on the major issues that caused concern to every Israelite . The wisdom here is not simple human knowledge of the things of this world , but a gift of God that always has the benchmark . It refers not only theoretical aspects but is very practical . You must teach man how to sort your life.

Not only for the individual but for society . Therefore, this wisdom must seek above all the rulers.
This book is like a bridge between the OT and the NT by two elements:
a. the wisdom hypostatized
b . eternal life
VI . Psalms:

150 hymns are to be sung in praise of God .
They are divided into different classes according to the feelings that predominate in them :
a. laudatory : praise God for His infinite perfections
b . Eucharistic : Thanksgiving for their benefits
c . impetratorios : confident and earnest request
d . teaching : moral education
e . gradual : willing to be sung whenever the Israelites on their way to temple
f . penitential : repentance and forgiveness
g . Historic : poetic narrations of key events
h . prophetic or messianic : concerning the future Messiah
VII. The Song of Songs :

The title answers a way of expressing their superlative in Hebrew language and mean “the most beautiful poems .”
It is certainly an allegory involving two characters , Solomon , male name applicable to the husband, and the Shulamite , female name that represents the wife.

The theme is love of both spouses . But a faithful , exclusive, self-giving love . Subject , written precisely at a time when polygamy was acquired almost universal dimensions .
Therefore, the experts say that this work is a protest song against infidelity and polygamy.


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