The money or the social or cultural positions of use, nor lineages. No protocol exists in this world, they give you good manners instilled in us our first ” ancient ” parents. Educating please!. What is your faith?. Parents are responsible to teach their children good manners: the way to God. For example, does God exist? If there. Still your religion because your parents instilled in you the ?. it is a Divine mandate of heaven, merely not a religion but a relationship with God. (“)__(“) Teach the children to be responsible?: Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is the ability to decide within the limits of social norms and expectations commonly accepted. It is said that a child is responsible when coordinate their actions, creatively, their own goals with the needs of others. Parents teach their children to be responsible , assigning certain obligations from very small, in keeping with the age and ability of each of them and them. It is important that parents do not return to take over the tasks entrusted to their children because, the sense of responsibility, helps build and strengthen their self- esteem and self-contained, making reap success with increasing frequency , benefiting from the positive impact of these successes. How do you teach them to be responsible ?: How do you teach them to be responsible ?: 1. Develop a sense of power the child. When you have the feeling of power resources, opportunities and capabilities have necessary to influence the circumstances of one’s life. 2. Help them make decisions. Children who have learned to make better decisions, be responsible those who have not learned to be. 3. Set rules and limits and be consistent. The rules and boundaries give children a lot of security, what makes them act in a more orderly manner. If there is no clear and obvious rules, no way to be consistent. Children need clear rules and boundaries so they know what is marked previously ( schedules, activities … ) and can discriminate what is allowed and what is not. They also have to know the consequences of breaking the rules. April. Use tasks and obligations to create liability. You have to realize, that is, specify how, when and who should make them. This develops organizational skills and the resources themselves. May. Not be arbitrary. Clarify what we communicate these expectations simply and directly, and realize what the expected consequences if the boy or girl or not act in line with these expectations. 6. Give rewards for being responsible. Reward is what the child or the child values ​​, want or need. Children to whom ( by material rewards, and above all, not material) reward for being responsible gradually develop awareness of the responsibility and good feelings are related, and, over time, they decrease their need for external rewards. Keep reading this article and receive many surprise How do I teach my child to be responsible at home?: There are times When we raise our children badly without realizing it. For example we use the excuse that if you do yourself going faster or does it better, or directly confuse wanting to give our son everything done. The educate not promoting their autonomy and responsibilities, but in the comfort effortlessly resulting small demanding tyrants, disoriented, and they can turn to anger and aggression to get what they want from others. Discover the behaviors that your child may be taking by age, in Como How ‘s how to teach your children to be responsible at home and outside through appropriate chores?: The children in most cases the same things you are doing to you. likes to imitate their parents, as long as you allow him to do that. But that should take care of their testimony. How to teach your child responsibility from an early age ?: How do I teach my child to be responsible at home?: Is job of parents to teach their children to be their task Weather ?: It is the duty of parents to ensure that children understand and exercise their rights as consumers. Consider that there are two areas where adults can encourage children responsible drinking. One has to do with health as nutritious food and the other relates to the respect for the environment. ” Parents must inform the child and carry potential awareness that a product should be good for him and for the planet.” For example , you have to orient to choose certain foods not the colors but the contribution to growth explains. Sympathetic and clearly illustrate the way children can be more effective than the tools that gives the law and which are yet to be issued under the recent Consumer Statute. Note that the issue is sensitive because the child , in addition to adult consumers of the future, is the route by which companies can influence the buying decision of adults. How to be responsible parents ?: How to be effective parents ?: Educate the children to be responsible is one of the main objectives of the parents. Responsibility is a quality that indicates a certain degree of maturity and commitment, both with others and with oneself. be responsible involves taking a series of obligations and responds to their own actions. Parents can not always be behind the child or adolescent to make enforcing the rules. What is to be achieved through appropriate educational strategies is that these standards remain so rooted in them, they get to behave in a responsible manner also when no one is showing them what they have to do or not to do .. The best way to give our children the value of responsibility is creating an environment where you can find information about each of the options from which you can choose and the consequences of each one, providing at the same time, resources appropriate so that they can carry out. Responsible ? Children, 5 keys to achieve: – One of the biggest challenges for parents is to make their children responsible for their actions and possessions also meet certain obligations commensurate with their age. It is essential therefore, to remember some clues that will help parents to achieve this. First key, Starting from babyhood: The authors of books ” How to teach your child responsibility ” to ensure that children who were not given homework at home from early childhood, will have no ability to be organized , to set goals and carry out complex tasks to throughout his childhood and adolescence. Accountability is one of the most important virtues in human development, thanks to this person takes control of his own life, but for this to be achieved, parents should be encouraged in their children from the first months. For example, babies need to be taught to pick up their toys, later to organize their school supplies, clothing then the next day, and so on … As the child grows, he should give confidence to develop new tasks. Thus no liability was acquired from overnight, is a process that will be developed throughout childhood and school age up to adolescence, in which the responsibility will be tested again and again. Second key Set clear rules : As every law of life, there are rights and duties, so at home should also be rules to be respected and followed. But be very clear when setting these limits . If children do not know what their parents expect of them, or do not know what their duties may not be educated in the value of responsibility. Parents should not only set standards is appropriate under the age of each child, but explain what are the consequences for breaking them. To make the matter more understandable, especially in the beginning while the habit is acquired, it is a good strategy to write their homework in a conspicuous place in the house ( or bulletin board ) and create a system of stimuli – faces happy, sweet, between others, especially for the younger members of the family. In this way the guys have played at sight and motivate compliance. Third key, Grant duties: If we want children to be responsible , but do not give them the opportunity to be what we are not doing anything … Every child should assume some duties at home, in addition to the school, which are taken for granted . You have to let them be autonomous and avoid at all costs to perform tasks that they are able to do. The protection of parents prevent the children exercise responsibility , except that the ” loose ” and lazy. Returns Within that range to be achieved, it is important that parents are not all the time remembering outstanding their children, as it becomes a bad habit which will depend , “Once you are sure that you have heard and understood, must be left to themselves act accordingly ” suggestions of the writer and prophet, Teresa Aquino: The child’s self-esteem is essential to their growth. (Raise your self-esteem to your children! ) I firmly believe that this is not a scholarly work, but their own parents of the children. Fourth key, Coherent Authority: One way to impair parental authority is not enforcing the rules that have been agreed , or impose consequences when these are not met. When this happens often , parents lose the credibility of their children, and therefore all authority over them. That’s why once we have determined the homework, parents should complied with and enforced. ” If for some reason the parents forget what they ordered , they are giving the children a tacit permission to do the same. ” The aforementioned experts warn. Consistency is a way to show the children that their behavior is outstanding . In addition to being consistent , children feel more confident and know what to expect if they break the rules and responsibilities. If there is no consistency , the guys are anxious because they are unable to predict what can happen . How to raise responsible children?: Remember that parents are the primary educators of their children. They have the power to influence the character of a child for good or ill . It is not the only influence of the child to develop his personality , he is also the school , his friends and the community at large , which scored a mark on his personality , but certainly , the family is who influences so transcendent in each of its members. Consider the type of character we expect our children develop when they reach maturity. Will competent , responsible and reliable adults? Will good husbands or wives, and be good parents ? Will your marriage will be happy and lasting ? Can they go through sudden changes of adolescence and emerge stronger? Although not born knowing how to be parents , nor can we control what our children will become , we have many opportunities to influence its development. To use our influence as parents to the fullest, we need to look to the future and work now to make the best foundation for growth as whole people . Fortunately, there is much research on child development that help us to know what actual parents have made ​​in the education of their children. Here we present a survey in which the ten attitudes shows that effective parents do to promote the education of their children and lead them in the way that leads them to be better people. 1. Effective parents love their children and provide a stable and safe environment. The love of parents helps the child from self-destruction , for example, taking drugs or alcohol. Love provides the child with a secure and stable environment in which to develop. Two . Effective parents promote mutual respect. One of the most important moral lessons a parent can teach is: Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Three . Effective parents control children’s use of media . Alerts are influenced by the media and are used to pro – actively. 4.The effective parents teach by example. Teaching by example goes well beyond treating our children , our behavior is reflected also in our dealings with spouse , family and other people around. 5.The effective parents taught directly by the explanation. Show directly and not the bush is very important. This often involves explaining why some things are right and others wrong. 6. Effective parents use to promote questioning of moral thinking of their children, it encourages children to stop and think about their actions. 7. Effective parents give their children real responsibility . Children are responsible if they are given responsibilities. Provide opportunities where children develop the habit of responsibility. 8. Effective parents help their children to set goals. It is important that we help our children to think of something they want to pursue and what means can be used to achieve this. So they find meaning in life and something to fight for. 9. Effective parents are demanding in their discipline. Adult authority, properly exercised, is vital for the healthy development of children. Recall that there are no perfect families and perfect children, the key to being a happy family is in the way they solve their problems. 10. Effective parents encourage the spiritual development of their children. Parents have a responsibility to teach our children the reason for human existence , the reasons why we should live according to the moral standards and traditions and rituals that enrich the spiritual life of the family. Exodología, Methodology “beyond”: Learning to behave. Train up a child in the way, And when he is old he will not depart from it. ( Proverbs 22:6 ); When I was a child, I spake as a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child when I became adult, I put away childish things. ( 1 Cor 13:11. ) When I was a child, I Talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I Became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. ( 1 Cor . 13:11). And they brought children to touch them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 But when Jesus saw this, he was indignant and said to them: Let the children come to me, do not hinder them , for to such belongs the kingdom of God. 15 Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it. 16 And he took them in his arms and blessed them , laying his hands on them. (Mark 10:13-16 ) . Prophecy, The ministry of the Prophet faith, TERESA AQUINO.






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