This is the same phrases that God spoke, Yahweh said, the God of the Israelites, in the year 2001: He spoke and said: Let my people go!

A The United States, to stop going, for your countries of origin. That Jesus Christ sack the captives of captive, That  give to them,  Bibles in their languages​​, the brought that curse to this nation of the United States Of America.
God spoke,
of the prisoners from Guantanamo Bay,

and continued saying:

That when they are inclined to Him and pray, Him listen the Psalm 27,
Lord is my light and my salvation.
whom shall I fear?

Today's cartoon by John Kron. Visit his page to get his cartoons daily: The Cartoon Kronicles

Prophet of the Lord,
Today is Tuesday 22, of Abril, year 2014.


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