When of God clock, the three clockwise, and mark the clock 12:00 a.m.

When of God clock,
the three clockwise, and mark the clock
12:00 a.m.
The people of Israel will be fully awakened.
Written by the prophet of the Lord:

A few years ago came to me Divine Revelations of Heaven
visions in the early morning of the same day I had two experiences:
l. He saw in this land of the living death and destruction,
in the vision I saw myself in a desolate area a horrible man who came from under the earth and scream loud voice and said,
I’m here because I did not preach!,
without preamble yell quickly
The blood of Christ has power…
and the demon out of hell, disappeared.

ll.  At the same time I moved to another vision, I saw a wall clock, and three clock hand whirled in a circular round in a circle.
Suddenly … the clock hand stopped at
12:00 a.m.
saw people screaming and laughing and nations with much hullabaloo:
showed me they were asleep and been awakened,
and spoke to me saying:
The first awakening is Jehoshaphat,
and  Jehoshaphat said aloud: Him said that he would return!,
pointing to a road full of Light, as if a ship lowered The Messiah has come!.
And all spoke with great joy and I was like in Ecstasy (sensation of thrill).
“It was spectacular,”as in a fairy tale!,

‘particular emphasis’
to inform you,
already Prince of Princes, “THE KING YESHUA ADONAI.”





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