The revelation of Yeshua of Sirene, He’ said!.

Thus saith the Lord Yeshua:
That the skies of skies the protect you!.
I AM, I AM!.
This were the exact words of The Lord Yeshua, and  reveal to  my,
Teresa Aquino.
His prophet.
Is Yeshua Miriam to speak, He Lives Forever!
The revelation of Yeshua of Sirene,  He’ said!.
First it was this part of the mandate, said the tithe and soon will abide by all partially make offerings.
The tithe try to put them all together to send it, then I want you to take me in prayer God hears, the devil has risen spiritual struggles  in this ministry, which is not mine but your Yeshua the Lord, struggles spiritual every moment struggles are unbearable , am clash with hell.
In of year 2001,
  God spoke to me saying:
Teresa, you have the keys of hell !.
He also told me in 2013 while on a mission, He’ said,
resist the Devil Teresa ..
and he will flee from you, and it was a success all was fulfilled, Jesus I talked to many time,
Yeshua have spoken to me, He’ coming soon!.
Blessed are those who believe this announcement.
Thanks to Our God, Thanks to LORD YESHUA and Thanks you Holy Spirit for guide me for all good works,That the skies of skies the protect you!.
Teresa Aquino,
Prophet to The LORD.

Teresa Aquino's photo.
Teresa Aquino's photo.
On Thursday, August 7, year 2014 8:22 A.M.
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