A moment ago, The LORD YOUR GOD spoke, And THE LORD said: Do a call for peace!. GOD MADE A CALL TO PEACE !.

HIM, He said!.
And he said:
I am God, the God of your father; Fear not down to Egypt, for I will make a great nation.
Genesis 46: 3.

Posted by Prophet- TERESA AQUINO.
This ministry is based on Decades of GOD, thus it is one nonprofit the message written in this space have nothing to do with ideology man human..
I am a prophet of God and my Mission in the land is Make known to man the will of GOD.
God spoke to me telling:
From the umbilical cord of your mother I already had chosen you as a prophet to the nations.
I, Teresa Aquino attest and witness.
Jeremiah 1: 5
Divine Revelation Of Heaven, Teresa Aquino guided by the Holy Spirit.
Prophecies for all nations.
Today Tuesday 19th of August, for the current year 2014.

Teresa Aquino's photo.
Teresa Aquino's photo.


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