What is the Oracle of the prophet?:

 Is said Oracle their said by God to the prophet.
The oracle of the prophets is must be met!.
God sends the prophet to communicate the message to the world, if the world meets stipulated by GOD
it may happen that God stop the trial!.
Years ago,for over a decade The Lord spoke to me:
In the year,1995 God spoke to me of satanic sects, that toward sacrifice of human in honor to Satan; they were making sacrifices of Her Village!; those who did these things were ruthless men without mercy. God showed me that they were doing all this case in vision face to face reality. God showed me in vision that they were doing everything evil atrocities cruel and ruthless men!; I saw a lot of destruction in the world that they made the men from the satanic sects.
I. It comes a persecution that man never ever!. lived.
II. Tell:
All the earth silent before My Presence!.
III. I want a building end the curse upon
the face of the earth.
My projects is of God by:
Written by the prophet:

Teresa Aquino's photo.
Teresa Aquino's photo.

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