On this day, January 6 born my a child in this into world.

I Teresa and their Dad Ramon Navarro, take to good calling to the child by name, Luis Reynaldo. It is so important to me, his middle name, which represents the day of the announcement of the prophets of God, and We taking to good call to him Reynaldo.
When him born them giving a good name: Reynaldo, a important day, which represents the announcement of the prophets of God, who came from the Middle East, announcing of the King The Messiah! The Star announced.
Reynaldo; His name was taken from the Holy Scriptures in honor of those men of God followed the road where there was the King: The Messiah and they came to offer burnt in honor of the child King. They brought in their hands honors for the King. The honors consisting in: gold, frankincense and myrrh according to the Gospel of Matthew 2:11.
And they entered the house they saw the child with Miriam his mother, and fell down and worshiped him; They opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
What is the significance of gold, frankincense and myrrh they offered those man’s of God to the king Messiah?: “EMMANUEL” THE MEANING OF HIS NAME IS GOD WITH US. (Isaiah 7:14); (Matthew 1:23).
They laid their offerings at her feet. The gold was their tribute to the King, incense, with its sweet aroma and Myrrh were some of the tributes were offered in ancient times the Extreme priest to God the Father. The Myrrh and frankincense, means: Prayers of the Saints.
The whole family is glad when a High Priest was born:
Happy day of your anniversary Luis Navarro!
The years by 2016.
The Star announced!.

Teresa Aquino's photo.
Teresa Aquino's photo.

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